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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Return to Thrupp

It is a great Saturday morning and I am on my way to Thrupp.
Sadly no Hallmark today.
I took the bus out of Oxford to Kidlington and then trudged up the Banbury.
After cutting through a hedge I was back at the amazing Oxford Canal.

I am going to a meeting at the Thrupp Canal Cruising Club.
I have decided to be a a non-mooring member there.
This brings certain advantages like becoming a member of the Association of Waterway Cruising Clubs (AWCC) which offers the possibility of short term moorings at other clubs.

My 'interview with the Number 1 and the membership secretary goes well and I am offered membership.
This means more trips to Thrupp (by bus) for working parties and events.
But I'll be back with Hallmark in the summer as I hope to cruise towards the West Midlands again. 

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