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Monday, 20 March 2017

Back to Apsley

Heavy rain throughout the night didn't bode well and the forecast was bad too.  Despite this set off at 8:15  heading for Apsley, which is one of my favourite stops on the southern Grand Union.  
First it was passing all the lovely traditional boats moored at  Cassio Bridge and the on to Cassiobury Park skirting around Watford.  

Sadly the heavy rain started. At it's worse Hsllmatk stayed in the lock at Lady's Chapel. When the rained eased it was the double locks at Hunton Bridge  Soon after I linked up with Andrew on NB Libélua
 Together we climbed up through Kings Langley and on to Apsley. Sadly there were no moorings down by the marina and Woodies my favourite Cafe). But there spaces to moor up between Apsley Locks 2 and 3. 

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